How to Come up with Research Paper Topics


As a student, you always have to write a research paper once in a while. Most subjects will require you to write such papers. Research paper writing is essential; therefore, you should be serious in taking them.

In most cases, it’s the professors who give the topics to write on. At times you are the one given the privilege to choose a topic.

One can get the ideas of your research paper topics from reading books, listening to songs, having discussions with your mates, or reading blogs and online articles.

Picking the Best Topic for your Research

A fascinating and contemporary topic pulls the reader’s attention, making them read more and more of your article.

When deciding on a topic or subject for your Research paper, you should consider:

  • Areas of Interest

    In writing the research paper, you should find the topic fascinating. You cannot write on a topic that is not interesting. Therefore, it is more comfortable writing a topic you love.

  • Clarity of your Topic

    Before choosing the topic, you need to understand the whole concept of it. It helps you avoid turmoil to your readers. You should have perfect knowledge of the subject as it makes it easier for you to write the Research paper.

  • Precision

    A research paper is usually straight to the point. You should write your topic with certainty.

  • Creativity

    Approaching a topic more creatively adds weight to your work. It captivates the reader’s attention giving them the urge to continue reading.

Categories of the Research Paper Topics

You can divide the research paper topics into:

  • Contentious Research Paper Topics

    Here, you bring in facts with supporting points concerning your topic. Your beginning and ending should be of the same energy. An example is “What is the optimal time age to start schooling?”

  • Alluring Research Paper Topics

    You should write on a topic that attracts the mind of your audience. Here, your primary intention is to convince your readers on the topic you’ve written on. For example, “Teachers should keep an eye on students’ work.”

  • Topics that bring Controversy

    The content of your article brings debate about the topic of your Research paper. People take the controversial topic more from the perspective of an activist in writing. Example; Lesbianism and Religion.

  • Topics by different levels of education

    You can further divide a given Research paper topics by the level of the student. It is because the different levels come with a certain difficulty. The levels may be high school or the university level. Therefore, it is easier for a university student to write on a topic from the high school level or his level. Conversely, a student from the high school level can find it hard to do the writing of a topic from the university level.

  • Topics by Subject

    You can write the Topics depending on the subject in question. The subjects may be of agriculture, religion, education, technology, culture, politics, business, the environment, legal matters, or health.

  • Hilarious Topics

    You should not feel limited to the topics to choose from when writing the research paper. Having a funny or more interesting topic makes you stand out among other students. It captivates the readers more as it engages their humor. It is clear that once your topic attracts the reader, you get more approval from your professors.

Generally, writing a research paper should be easy. You should conduct proper research on the topic you are to write. Also, check on previously written topics to get clues or ask for research paper help if you don’t know how to cope with writing. Confidence in your writing adds more weight to your final work.