5 Lifehacks: How to Make Your Research Paper Longer


When teachers give a writing assignment, they often give a minimum number of paragraphs or pages that each student should submit. If you do not have enough points to cover, you may be short of the required word count. With these tricks to make a paper longer, you can lengthen your paper easily. This is done without including irrelevant information that will get you a bad grade.

Why Paper Length is Important

Teachers often give students a rubric for writing papers. This includes information on their expectations, regarding content, length, and writing style. To earn full marks, you must meet the required paper length. These requirements help students understand what their teacher is expecting, so each student does a similar amount of work.

What Not to Do: ‘Fluffing’ Content

When considering how to make a paper longer, some students will add irrelevant words, sentences, or entire paragraphs. This ‘fluffing’ doesn’t add valuable material to the paper. Most teachers notice this and give poor marks. Instead, follow the tips below to increase the length of your paper without negatively impacting your grade. For most, you will need to carry out extra research to expand on your point.

5 Ways to Make Your Paper Longer the Right Way

  1. Add more details. The details are the points that make up the support for your topic sentences in each paragraph. Be sure they are relevant to your thesis if you want to get full points! It does not count if the length is added to your paper by irrelevant points. You can also add a detail by sneaking in a shocking or interesting fact in the introductory paragraph.
  2. Add an extra paragraph. This is one of the tricks to make your paper longer that adds content without taking away from the value of the paper. In most cases, you’ll find that you need to adjust your thesis statement to include an introduction to the new paragraph.
  3. Add an anecdote. Anecdotes are stories that are relevant to the topic of your paper. It might include your take on the topic or a story about how you got interested in what you are discussing. This personalizes your paper in a way and adds to the content. It also gives your content a unique spin.
  4. Analyze your ideas in a new way. Sometimes, you can add perspective to your paper by introducing an opposing viewpoint and debunking it or having the reader consider your topic in a new light. This strategy will not work well for every writing style. It is ideal for argumentative or persuasive people when you are trying to sway the reader toward your view point. You may also be able to add length in the conclusion by asking the writer to think differently about your topic.
  5. Expand your thesis. Sometimes, you do not have any option except to change your thesis. This happens when the topic you have chosen is too narrow. This is the longest method, but it is the best way when you have expended all your knowledge on a topic. Don’t be afraid to do more research if you need to—this is the best way to give yourself a way to expand your topic.

As you consider how to make your paper longer, take the time to do it properly. By researching new ideas, expanding your thesis, and the other strategies above, you can lengthen your original idea and still get a good grade. Be wary of techniques that boost word count without adding value. These can lose you content points, which are often more significant than the paper’s length.
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